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January 2019 Edition

5 Simple Steps To Evaluate Customer Feedback And Make Business Improvements (Infographic) 

by Tina Inkrote, OnTarget Digital Services

January 15, 2019 

Your customers can be a great resource for your business. When they share their personal experiences with your business online – whether good or bad – you can reap the benefits of their candor. 

The benefit of customers sharing their positive experience is obvious – their positive feedback is a personal referral to their friends, family or anyone searching the internet about your company. 

Their negative experiences and feedback can also help your company by providing insight into how to improve specific areas of your business. 

The infographic shares the 5 simple steps for gathering and evaluating customer online feedback that offer that insight. Once you have evaluated the feedback, you can then make adjustments to your business practices, so you can satisfy your customers and gain those valuable referrals. 


Online Reviews

How Review Sites Can Affect Your Business (And What You Can Do About It)

by ChadOtar (article from

October 5, 2018

Chances are, you’ve already gotten a taste of the power of review sites and what a single customer review can do for (or to) your business.

Review sites are no longer reserved for consumer products and restaurants. Now, they’ve taken on professional services such as medicine,hospitality and beauty as well as a recent surge in brick and mortar businesses such as grocery stores and gyms. They even have a place in our capital management firm, where we find review sites useful for seeing behind the scenes and helping to guide our underwriting decisions.


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